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Coordinating Instructions

When conducting land navigation, any service member knows that you need to have a few basic tools such as a compass, map, protractor, or GPS to successfully plot your course.

This can also be said of your educational plans. Without the basic tools and knowledge it is difficult to plot your coordinates so you are able to map your path and determine your goals. On the EducationPlan you'll find the tools you need to successfully plot your education goals:

Working on furthering your education can be challenging but as with most challenges, the potential rewards are many. Just like being a service member, being a student requires a great deal of planning and commitment and sacrifice. The more you know about your options, the better prepared you can be to achieve academic success. As a service member or veteran an important resource to explore is At this site veterans, military personnel and their families can access a network of statewide regional coordinators, review information concerning military education benefits, research Minnesota higher education institutions, and receive academic and career counseling. Whether you are considering college or are already attending college, the EducationPlan contains many resources and tools that can help make your experience as positive as possible.

To learn more about issues related to educational options, view the Military Education Video.


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